Jen: "In my first month I lost 4 inches around my belly! Proof that getting that lean toned look isn't about the scale."


Gemma: Just some stats for you. I weighed in at 10st 9 so lost 5lbs! I know you said not to fixate too much on weight...but I've also dropped 12 and a half inches!! I'm thrilled! I feel so much better and I've just 3 and a half inches just from round my tummy alone!!!"

Jacqueline: "I started working with Eloise online around 6 weeks ago. I explained that I wanted to build muscle as I'd recently lost 1 and a half stone. I started my bulk at the start of September. We upped my calories from 1600 a day to over 2000 a day. This was a scary process for myself thinking I was going to gain all of the weight back but I haven't. Yes my weight has probably gone up but my clothes still fit, I'm gaining weight in the right places. I'm feeling stronger and more energised than ever. Trust the process!! My main aim was to work on my lower body growing my glutes and quads but also to get stronger overall. In just 6 weeks I've seen a massive difference. I hit PB's every week!! I love my programme that Eloise wrote out for me, she's there anytime I have a question whether it's about my workouts or progress or if I want to change anything. I highly recommend Eloise if you're looking for an online PT she will point you in the right direction whether it's to build muscle or lose weight."

Sarah: "I've been working with eloise for around 6 months now and I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made. My programme is completely personalised to me and has been changed multiple times due to lockdown and changes in personal circumstances. Eloise is always around to answer my questions and is super knowledgeable around a variety of topics. She's really understanding and takes the time to get to the root cause of any issue (for me it was my motivation levels and Eloise gave me lots of little tips to help with that and adjusted my programme to help make it more manageable. 10/10 worth the money and will continue working with her for a long time"

Kelly: "Eloise is a brilliant coach. She is very attentive and checks in regularly. Her plans are very detailed and very affordable. I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely be using her services again in the future."

Eloise: "I've just finished my 3rd week with Eloise and I have really enjoyed the programme so far. Eloise's programme has given me structure and helped me gain confidence using weights at home. I feel like Eloise is always there if I have a question and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to reach their fitness goals."



Holly: "There is an unbelievable amount of bullshit in the health and fitness industry, with so much conflicting information and people trying to push their own agendas. Eloise has a non-biased approach and real talent for taking something complicated and breaking it down so it makes sense to someone like me, who doesn't have a physiology degree. I've lost count of how many times I've gone to Eloise for myth-busting and I cannot recommend her enough"

Calorie Profile Reviews:

"This has by far been the best nutrition breakdown I've ever had. Thank you so much"

"The whole document is so informative and I can't believe how many calories I am able to eat. I've always been massively restrictive so it's refreshing to see a bit more freedom with the numbers."

Ebook Reviews:

"I've never read how to calculate calories in such a simple way! Very clear and to the point!"

"I've tried quite a few different workout ebooks, but this is so much more than that. It's my favourite one I've tried and by far the best value for money."